Sky's the Limit
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Cheyenne, I need you to come upstairs with me and fix the lamp that I broke…… REBA REBA REBA! 

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Word. Nothing sexier than a man with goals.. and of course tattoos. (; #realman #guyswithtattoos #girlswithtattoos #whereareyou #tattoos

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Love my job <3 #tdgarden #bostonian #bostonstrong #neverforget #lovemycity #lovemyjob

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Game of Thrones!!

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Rask has since commissioned his mask artist, Ron Slater, to design Maddie a mask of her own.

The finished product is identical to the one Rask wears in net, with a few notable alterations: Maddie’s name (rather than Rask’s surname) is spelled out below the cage, and the back plate features a yellow ribbon and the words “Kick Sarcoma” — a reference to the disease Maddie is suffering from.

Excuse me for a second, my heart

Tuukka is goin to be a kickass father

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2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Eastern Conference Quarters.   (The West is on it’s way!)

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this is a story about a city. a city that was built by rebels. people not afraid to fight for their freedom. around here, winning is expected. when times get tough, we persevere. we keep moving no matter what life throws at us. this is our city, we will run.